Want To Know How To Take Pretty Photos? Follow These 3 Tips To Rock And Roll


Every girl yearns that she could look picture perfect in every single snapshot, right? Unfortunately, this is a challenging feat to achieve if you are not a trained model. Even if you're a professional, taking perfect photos is still a task, a very intricate one on top of that.

So, should we tell you three easy tips to help you ace your photos? We are sure you do. So, the next time you are in front of a camera, keep these simple tips in mind and see how your photos will look much better than they were. Shall we get to the details?

1. Set Your Angles

How you set your angles is very important in taking good photos. You must know how you will hold your phone or where you will set your frame. The following three angles are very famous in photography as of now.

1. Eye-level Angle

  • It is the angle at which the camera is placed horizontally to the subject.
  • Want to give a more realistic appearance to your photos? This is the angle you should be using.

2. High Angle

  • If the camera faces downwards, it is called a high angle.
  • A high angle is when you would like to cover more from the background.

3. Low Angle

  • If you hold the camera facing upwards, that's the low angle.
  • The presence of the subject is highlighted in this kind of angle.

Now that you know which angle suits your needs get ready to take some excellent clicks. Should we suggest a swimsuit by Charmo that will make you look good from any angle? Here you go.

2. Good Lighting Is All You Need

If you have decent lighting, your photos will be good, no matter the location. Most smartphones today have soft light settings, which under natural light, will be perfect. How do you make sure that the lighting is good?

Ø Check The Direction Of Light

Once you understand the direction of light, you're halfway there to get good photos. Most probably, there are three types of light:

  • Flat light with no shadows
  • Backlighting for a dramatic look
  • Split or side lighting to enhance shape, tone, or any texture

3. Quality Of Light

The next thing worth considering is whether you have good quality light or not because the quality of light also matters a lot. Which is the light you're using? Sunlight, diffused light, backlight, window light, or reflected light? Because they all work differently. Is the light too harsh for your eyes?

Consider getting a diffuser or under some shade because you don't want to harm your eyes just to get some incredible photos. Yet another amazing recommendation for you is the push-up hollow chain strap one-piece swimsuit in a subtle black matte color that looks super gorgeous under any lightning. But, we suggest you style it on a shiny, bright, sunny day. Grab your on sale now.

4. Better To Avoid Full Frontal Photos 

Have you ever wondered why most celebrities turn their body slightly when posing for pictures on the red carpet? It is because of the hidden fact that this is one of the most promising angles for flattering photographs!

  1. First of all, slightly turn your body sideways. Look towards the lens and keep one foot in front of the other.
  2. Then, point the toes of your front foot towards the lens and transfer your body weight to your back foot. Click now, and voila! There you have your perfect photo.

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Don't Have Anyone To Take Your Photos? Here's How You Can Take Good Photos Of Yourself

We know not all the time we have someone on hold to get our photos, and most of the time, you'll be all on your own, so here are a few tips you can follow and get good pictures of yourself.

  1. Keep your camera at as much distance as possible but make sure your picture doesn't get blurred.
  2. Place the camera slightly above yourself or where you're standing. This difference in height makes photos look good naturally.
  3. Use a tripod or camera stand. Many options are available online, so you can see which one's more affordable for you.

Final Verdict

These were a few tips we compiled for you to take pictures worth posting on your Instagram. Make sure to follow these tips to get good results, and if you want more photogenic swimsuits, Charmo has some really good ones. Plus, they also have a fantastic summer sale going on, so don't forget to check out their website here before the sale ends.

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