8 Safety Measures To Follow When Swimming On A Beach Vacation


Who doesn't get excited for an adventurous beach vacation when it comes to summers? We all do! Summer vacations are all about surfing at the beach, shell gathering, sunbathing, swimming in the oceans, and enjoying the sand between your toes. Well, if you have ever dreamed of wearing a sexy swimsuit at the beach, you can find a wide collection at our Charmo website.

Besides all this fun stuff, safety is the most crucial concern for everyone. One should know all the essential safety measures for a relaxing beach trip. So, before you get your bags packed for a fun adventure, let us guide you on how to keep yourself away from dangers and have the best summer vacation.


1. Get Familiar With The Warning Flags

Multiple flags of different colors are used t indicate warnings in the sea or ocean. Not every beach has flags of the same colors for a significant sign; most of them have their colors in different states. It is suggested to seek guidance from the lifeguards to know everything about those flags so that you may use them properly.

Usually, a red flag indicates strong currents or surfs in the water, so be cautious before entering the water. Purple or blue flags show the possibility of dangerous sea animals, such as sharks. The green flag indicates that the ocean is clear and suitable for a swim. However, yellow flags indicate slight currents and surf, making it safe to swim in the water.  

2. Stay Near The Lifeguards

Among many drowning cases, most of them occur at the spot where the lifeguard isn't present. Lifeguards know everything about the beach, which most vacationers are unaware of. They keep an eye on everything around them and become your savior in any risky situation.

Enjoying near the place where the lifeguards are stationed is always recommended. Moreover, if you are planning to swim a little away, place a sign somewhere near the lifeguard so that even if you are lost in the flow of currents, you may know where to go back.   

1. Stay Together With Your Family And Friends

Many studies have shown that drowning accidents occur when people go for an alone swim in the ocean. That's quite risky! It is always best to follow the buddy system when you go for a swim in the ocean. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, it's better to have a companion with you who can keep an eye on you and help you in any uninvited danger.

2. Do Not Go In Bad Weather

Water conducts electricity, and that's a hell of a reason for you not to swim in the ocean when it is lightning. To keep a body in the ocean in a thunderstorm is just like placing an electronic device in the bathtub. Do not enter the ocean during rainy weather or at least 30 minutes after the thunderstorm. However, you are good to go when the weather is normal and sunny again.  

3. Stay Hydrated

Your body can get exhausted due to strong waves and extensive exposure to heat. It is good to drink plenty of water before entering the water for a swim. You can just take them with you to refuel your body whenever you feel low or dehydrated.

4. Do Not Drink Alcohol

Alcohol not only is responsible for less attentive behavior, but also it increases the risk of heat-related sickness as your body dehydrates after consuming it. You can face an accident due to wrong judgments led by alcohol consumption. Hence, drinking alcohol before or even during the swim is not recommended.

5. Be Aware Of The Rip Currents

The unexpected strong currents not visible from the shore are known as rip currents. They draw the water away from the shoreline. Hence, it is suggested to swim always parallel to the beach rather than vertically. If not, then uninvited rip currents can be dangerous and increase the risk of drowning.   

6. Get Your Swimsuit Ready

Swimming in the ocean is far different from having a dip in the bathtubs or ponds. If you don't have a swimming suit, your body may not be protected that way, and you will not find comfort while swimming in the ocean. Here at Charmo, we have a wide

variety of swimming costumes that not only make your swimming experience fun but also offer ultimate comfort and ease.


Bottom Line

All the beaches have specific rules and safety guidelines, but the basic ones are almost the same. We have explained some of the most important safety guidelines that one should know before going for a swim in the ocean. Wearing a lovely swimsuit from our Charmo collection is one thing. But, safety is an essential aspect when it comes to swimming. Keep all these in mind, and you are ready for the most exciting yet secure vacation.

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