Swimsuit Doesn’t Fit?

Swimsuit Doesn't Fit?

Swimsuit Doesn’t Fit?

Summer is coming. It is a great time to go on a beach vacation. Now is the time to show off your fancy swimsuit you brought last year. As you take out your swimsuit, you find that it doesn't fit. Swimwear should be fun and flattering, so what should you do with a swimsuit that lets you down? Can you alter a swimsuit?

Common problems with swimsuits fitting

  • Too Maybe you’ve lost weight recently. Possibly you’ve come across a swimsuit you really like, but it doesn’t have the right size for you. Maybe you purchased an unsuitable size online and don't want to return it. All of these will make your swimsuit too big. If the swimsuit is too big, it will look unflattering and very easy to get naked.
  • Too small. It is possible that your weight jumped up due to stress or that the manufacturer's sizing is not standard, etc. In these situations, the swimsuit will be too small. A swimsuit that is too tight will strangle the flesh and make you feel uncomfortable while wearing it. When you are in the water, you cannot stretch.
  • The top does not match your bottom size. You must have these situations. The top half of the body fits, the bottom half is too tight or too loose. That is the issue women face. This is because everyone has different body proportions. Some are apple shaped and some are pear shaped. It is too difficult to buy a bikini that fits perfectly.

How can you alter the swimsuit?

  • Too big

  1. First you need to know the approximate range of the modification.

If your swimsuit has straps, adjust them and pay attention to how much they affect the overall fit of the swimsuit. Make a note of any gaps or sags around the bottom (usually along the leg openings, seat and waist), and use pins at the waist or legs to fasten any gaps or sags.

  1. It's time to DIY!

After marking the sagging areas, it's time to test your hands! Fold up the marked areas and sew the folded areas together with a needle or sewing machine.

  1. Try the modifications to see if it fits.

Once you have modified the two loose sides, you will need to put this personally modified swimsuit on to check the fit. If it still doesn't fit, then just repeat the above two steps.

  • Too small

Unless you have been buying your swimsuit for a long time and the material is starting to get loose, it’s almost impossible to make it more spacious. Unlike other garments that come with an inbuilt seam allowance that can be ‘let out’, swimsuits have next to no extra fabric. If you want to make swimsuits look larger, you’re need to get creative – and that means getting friendly with the concept of panels.
You’ll need to select a fabric with the same amount of stretch as the swimsuit (either 2-way or 4-way) but other than that, you can be as adventurous (or as subtle) as you like in your choice of panel material.
To add a panel, simply cut out a length of fabric to the required size. Cut along the swimsuit seam, pin the panel in place, and sew. To avoid any unsightly puckers, pay careful attention to how you stitch the seam between the panel and the swimsuit. And that’s it – a few extra inches of comfort and with almost no effort at all.
  • The top doesn't match your size on the bottom.

Downsizing by one size is realistic. Expecting to turn a size 20 swimsuit into a size 0 would be unrealistic. Likewise, sizing up a swimsuit size usually requires adding some additional fabric. While this may still seem a bit challenging, it will probably change the style of the swimsuit at least somewhat - provided, of course, that you can find panel material in the exact same material and shade as the swimsuit you're changing.

Choose a Professional Team!

Although there are quite a few ways to modify a swimsuit that doesn't fit. But buying a swimsuit that fits saves a lot of time. Charmo can help you at this point. Charmo have a professional service team that can help you when you are confused about sizing.

A well-fitting swimsuit can make you the most beautiful and brightest woman on the beach


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