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How To Get The Perfect Beach Photos?

How To Get The Perfect Beach Photos?

The place we go to the most in summer must be the beach. Blue sky, white clouds, and beaches are already desirable in my imagination. We believe you will want to keep this beautiful picture. Have you ever admired the photos of stars wearing sexy bikinis or elegant one piece swimsuits on the beach? Do you want to take your own perfect beach photos? Here are some tips for you to take the perfect beach photos.

Prep Work


While taking the perfect beach photo, the background is very important. This requires you to refer to different tourist spots to find the most suitable beach and sea. Try to travel on a sunny day, so you can get the most beautiful view. The rocks next to the sea are also great for taking pictures of the scene. When the tide is high, stand on the rocks and capture the sight of the waves lapping against the rocks. What a stunning scene it is!


Straw hat

A straw hat is highly recommended for going to the beach. In addition to blocking UV rays, it also can become a very good prop for taking photos. As the sunlight shines through the straw hat and casts light spots on the face, it becomes an exquisite work of light and shadow.


How can you go to the beach without sunglasses? Sunglasses can block the strong UV rays and protect your eyes. It is also an integral part of taking pictures. Sunglasses are very useful for girls who feel unfamiliar with taking pictures. Put on sunglasses and the expression is covered so you don't have to worry about the poor expression ruining the picture.


No summer is complete without watermelons. In addition to being used for eating, they can also become a versatile prop when taking pictures. Hold a piece of watermelon in your hand, lick a bite of popsicle, make a face of enjoyment. Your photos will also be full of summer flavor!


Choosing a great  swimsuit for the beach is also an essential part of taking great beach photos. Different styles of photos have completely different requirements in terms of matching.
If you want to take fresh and beautiful photos of the beach, you can choose a swimsuit in the same color as the sea. A blue swimsuit or a white swimsuit are both the same color of the sea, so wearing them won't be wrong. 

If you want to take eye-catching photos of the beach, you can choose a warm color swimsuit. Red and yellow are good choices. The cool colors of the sea will contrast well with a colorful swimsuit.

You can also put a white beach cover ups over your swimsuit. Imagine the skirt being blown up in the sea breeze, then press the shutter button, a beautiful and relaxing photo is born.

While Shooting


In fact, as ordinary people, we rarely have the opportunity to face the camera as often as the stars. So in the face of the camera, we will inevitably feel embarrassed. However, you should pose before taking beach photos. There are a few ways to get rid of the embarrassment in front of the camera.

① Not looking at the camera

Backward thinking, many people will be overwhelmed when facing the camera, so the best thing to do is not to look at the lens. When you do not look at the lens, you will ignore the existence of the lens, this time presenting the most natural state. You can also take some photos of the back or side at the same time. We're sure that you won't be disappointed.

②Lying or sitting on the beach

Lying or sitting on the beach is a great photo pose. Lying on the beach, the straw hat mentioned above can be used here. The sea and the beach blend together when you move the camera from the top to the bottom, and the effect is breathtaking.

③Playing with water

Playing water at the beach is a natural part of going to the beach! Use your hands to shoot the waves or kick your legs. This time you can also take the opportunity to capture a few photos!

④Jump up

We believe that many people will want to have fun at the beach! You can let the photographer capture you jumping happily! Be careful not to move too much and manage their expressions well. Laugh appropriately and bring out your sense of vitality!

2.Photo time

The best time to go to the beach to take pictures is in the morning and evening, respectively. It is recommended that you shoot 1-3 hours after sunrise, or 1-3 hours before sunset. At these two times, the light is particularly soft, making people look textured.

Share your photos on social media platforms!

Directly uploading your photos to social media platforms is not recommended. Remember to make moderate adjustments to the photos. You can add a filter to make the pictures look more sensational. If the photos are too dark, you can also moderate the brightness and contrast adjustment.
After completing the trimming of your photos, it's time to upload the carefully edited photos to social media. It is so that your friends can feel the arrival of summer, as well as see the difference you make.You can also tag us on Instagram to share your summer story.
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