According To Scientists, You Should Go To The Beach For These 4 Reasons

According To Scientists, You Should Go To The Beach For These 4 Reasons

     Taking a trip to the beach on a beautiful day is one of the most relaxing activities there is. Between the sun, the sand, and the water, what isn’t there to love about the beach?! You probably feel great after a day at the beach, but did you know that scientific research has proven beach-going to promote many health benefits? Read ahead for even more reasons to visit the beach regularly.

1. Respiratory/Immune System Benefits

Sea water contains minerals like magnesium and potassium that help the body to fight infection. Plus, breathing in the salty sea air has respiratory benefits that can promote a better night’s sleep.


2.  De-stimulates The Brain

That “zen” feeling we often experience at the beach is a result of Vitamin D intake and the meditative qualities of the beach. Many people experience calm and relaxation while looking at the blue color of the water, and the sound of the waves can slow down our nervous systems, promoting relaxation and de-stimulating our brains.

3.  Improves Focus

Between the sights, smells, and feelings associated with going to the beach, the frequency of our brain waves tend to change. The meditative feelings we experience at the beach can promote increased focus, awareness, and a clearer head, even after you leave.

4.  Alleviates Depressive Symptoms

The salty sea air is filled with negative ions, and when you breathe them in, you’re training your brain to combat symptoms of depression. These ions help to balance out the chemicals in our brains, making us more relaxed, happier, and less stressed.

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