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How to Choose Surfing Wetsuits?

How to Choose Surfing Wetsuits?

Wetsuits are one of the most important inventions in the history of surfing. Wearing a wetsuit is the best way to keep us more time in the water. Cold water surfers know that very well.

Buying a wetsuit is always an important moment. Wetsuits are an investment for, at least, two or three years, if you're an avid and regular wave rider. It is also possible to combine winter wetsuits and summer wetsuits, depending on your budget.

There are three main wetsuit decisions that you should make. First, select whether you need a short or spring wetsuit or a full suit. Then, it's time to pick the ideal thickness, depending on the temperature conditions of your most surfed spots.

The main neoprene thickness types in modern semi-dry wetsuits are 3/2mm (mild to warm temperatures), 4/3mm (mild to cold temperatures) and 5/4mm (cold to very cold temperatures). If you're surfing quite regularly in Alaska, a dry wetsuit, hood, booties and gloves are compulsory.

Finally, pick the stitching variables that suit your pocket. In the flatlock stitching models, each panel is stitched both on the outside and inside of the suit. Sealed panels are blind-stitched and then glued to prevent water from entering through the seams.

If you're still unsure about which wetsuit is appropriate for your surfing needs, compare the different types of neoprene protection.

Wetsuits: high-tech models will keep you warm in the harshest conditions
Stitch, Stretch, and Zippers
If you're buying a sealed and taped wetsuit, you'll have panels that are blind stitched and glued, and then the tape is applied over the glue on the inside of the suit.

For the high-tech surfers who need to feel 100 percent comfortable, there's always the battery-heated wetsuit that will keep you as if you were in front of the fireplace.

Also, some surfers have special zipper preferences. The most common models are sold with full zipper wetsuits, half zipper wetsuits, and zipperless options. The best wetsuits for your height and weight are the ones that stay close to your body, perfectly fit in the neck, torso, arms, and legs.


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