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8 Hot Trends Swimsuits in 2020

8 Hot Trends Swimsuits in 2020

Here comes the sun (kind of), and with it our favorite clothing season: swim season. Though we're planning on spending as much of May through September (plus long weekend getaways from February to April) relaxin' and maxin' by the pool, we're first taking a careful look at our current bathing suit inventory. If you're wearing the same two-piece you've had since that family beach trip 10 years ago, you might want to consider an upgrade. And whether there's an upcoming vacay on your calendar or you're just looking for some quality lounge chair time, the approaching warm weather months are reason enough to give those suits a refresh.

Ahead, we're giving you a breakdown of the swimsuit trends you can expect to be big in summer 2019. Here you'll find a little something for everyone, from revamps on classic silhouettes to on-trend items that'll have you standing out from the crowd. Click on and feel free to dive head-first into a purchase or two, because it's only swimming season for so long, Y'all.

Spring's Breakout Color: Orange
If this color looks familiar, that's because you're seeing it everywhere. Orange hues are making waves this spring, a fact proven by the overflow of orange looks spotted during NYFW. And we're convinced that the color will look just as good, if not better, in the swimwear department.

Long live stripes! Seriously. The trend that only grows with each passing year is now in swimsuit form.

Ruffle Detailing
A little extra detailing can go a long way when investing in swimwear. This year, we're eyeing the sweet balance of minimal ruffle detailing.

All Tied Up
While we're used to swimsuits tying in the back, this new trend's got it all twisted around. Of late, tiny bow and tie details are showing up all over the swimsuit section — and boy, are they cute. We're in knots just thinking about it.

Floral Decals
Nothing says spring like floral print. And while we love a good floral dress as much as anyone, we're putting our frocks aside and opting to bring some flower power to our swimsuit collection instead.

Animal Print
Another street style trend rolling into the swimwear space. Animal prints, from zebra to leopard print, were the talk of the town during NYFW. Tap into your wild side with these tastefully done (i.e. not cheesy) iterations of the prints.

Longline Tops
Not quite a tankini, but definitely not a bikini, these longline swimsuit tops are the perfect in-between cut that finally prove itty bitty bikinis aren't the only way to go.

Textured Swimwear
Last season's smocked swimwear trend sparked a craze, with any and every textured material now taking over the market.

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