How to Wear a Bandana?

Bandanas have lots of versatile to integrate into your outfits. They would protect you from the outdoor dust or even disease. It is so easy and no need additional accessories to hold them in place with these ear loops bandanas. If you want your outfit to have a little something extra or want to protect you from the dust or UV, then face scarves cover mask bandanas would be perfect for you.

Here is some tips from @Alyssa Price on how to wear a bandana as a mask.

There are 3 ways to Wear a Bandana Too

Use Bandana as a Hair Accessory

Wearing it as a headband might be my favourite because it’s just so easy. I’ve been doing this all Summer long so far! It’s cute if you want to keep hair out of your face or when it’s hot. Just tie the bandana around your head and then either leave your hair down, half-up, or top knot it. It all looks good! You can choose to leave the knot behind your hair or up top. I think both look cute depending on what I’m going for. The knot upfront definitely adds a more girly touch, which is fun.

Tie Your Bandana Around Your Pony

I love doing this with ribbons as well, but a bandana is so fun around a ponytail. It adds a little sass to a regular ponytail with barely any effort. You could do a low pony or high, but I usually go high. Pro tip: Use a hairband first and then tie the bandana on for more support.

Wear It Tied Around Your Neck As A Knot Necklace

This might be my favourite way to style the bandana at the moment. It’s just SO good, right? Since my favourite bandana is red, I’ve been into the Americana combo with a simple white shirt and denim shorts. It feels like summer to me! I also love it with cute denim, white, or black dress. Really any colour combo would work depending on the colour of bandana/scarf you’re using. If you’re wearing this style, just keep earrings minimal or it’ll be too much going on.

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